Pool Table Moving

Improperly moving a slate pool table can damage the rails, frame, slates, legs and/or can cause personal injury not to mention leaving them unsafe.  We are able to disassemble and move it house to house, room to room for you. At the new place we can unpack, reassemble, and level your pool table.

Moves happen in two parts, starting with complete disassembly. All parts are then safely transported to the new location. Once we have established the ideal position for your pool table, we professionally level the frame and re-align the rails to make sure your pool table plays as if it hasn't even been moved.


After years of playing on a pool table, you may find yourself with a need to replace pool table cloth. This is called re-felting.

Appalachian Amusement can re-felt most all pool tables. When you decide to re-felt a pool table, it is almost like playing on a brand new table.


We can re-glue or repair cushion rubber that has been detached from rail due to misuse, deterioration due to age or crazy house guests. Most recushion jobs are done in conjunction with a refelt, move or set-up. If your felt has been recently replaced or is still in good shape please let me know as I may be able to save your rail felt.

Pool Table Assembly/Breakdown

We can disassemble your pool table and carefully remove the felt so it can be re-stretched later. We’ll leave all pieces to the pool table in the same room where it was located or we can move them to another room for you then set it back up again. If the table is going into storage, we will carefully wrap it and move it for you.

Pool Table Repair and Replacement Services

  • Leather Pocket Repair or Replacement
  • Broken Leg Mounts or Pool Table Rebuilding
  • Slate Seam Adjustment or Pool Table Releveling
  • Coin Operated Pool Table Parts & Service